Burpees…the fastest way to ruin a day.

Friday was a great day. We got to lift heavy stuff and minimal “I’m going to pass out” syndrome. Saturday was all cardio with burpees thrown in to piss everyone off. Of course, the extra curricular activities on Friday night didn’t help either! Need to stop that stuff the night before a WOD.

I got my King Kong Bag Friday. Same prices as the Reebok bag however it feels a lot sturdier and is a little bigger. Worth the money if you tend to go through gym bags pretty quickly.


I need to get a new pair of shoes and I think I am done with Innov8s. My ankles roll to the outside in those and that’s not good.

Reebok may have pushed me to the dark side with Nano 2.0. Everyone else is buying them, I might as well too. Reebok is the cult within a cult!

Ok, off to take the dog for a long walk and contemplate what I want to be when I grow up.

Murph…I can finally walk again

I did my second attempt at Murph on Monday. The good news is I can finally walk again Thursday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday were not fun. It took me 69:30 to finish which was disappointing. I thought I would be able to do it less than an hour.


Sunday’s dinner choice was bad. Chinese food was wrong. It was steak, chicken, shrimp and vegetables over noodles. Breakfast was a couple of chicken breasts. I did not have any energy. I felt wiped out after the first mile and the first round or two. Definitely could have made better food choices.

Over Thought the Rounds:

I decided on splitting up the pull ups, push ups, and squats into ten rounds of 10, 20, and 30. After the second round I looked at the clock and realized it would take me 50 minutes to finish the rounds. That’s when my friend doubt came knocking!

Next thing I know I am trying to find a better place on the floor to do squats, as if gravity would be weaker in one part of the gym as opposed to the other. Meanwhile the clock is ticking away, and I am trying to figure out why I am doing this to myself.

The last mile was pretty much walking. Running was not really an option. Jogging was a stretch.

Next time I will eat better, and stick to the plan when it comes to breaking down the reps.


One Year In…

I received my one year anniversary email last week. It is hard to believe that a full year has already gone by. I have learned a lot. I think I had developed some bad habits during the preceding 15 years of weight lifting.

One of the hardest things for me to wrap my head around is jumping when doing snatches and cleans. I used to always think I wanted every point of contact with the floor solid. The feet stayed glued. With CrossFit it is much more about explosive strength. It will take me longer to get used to it.

I didn’t do nearly enough cardio before so that has taken more time to get used to. I still hate running, probably will always hate running. I’ll take 3 minutes on the airdyne if it saves me from a 400 meter slogfest. Rowing is also much preferred.

Definitely looking forward to another year at CrossFit BWI.

400M Runs after 150 Squats Yesterday….

Who’s idea was that…Ryan? Seriously. Yesterday’s fun is listed below which I did in 15:03. Legs are tight this morning!

3 rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 100 ft
50 Squats
25 Hip extensions

Today’s WOD:

20 min AMRAP
Run 400m
AMRAP Pull Ups

Hello Nicole, I don’t think we have met before, however I am certain our relationship will follow the same path as those with your deadly sisters. It is all fun and games in the beginning but after the second or third round, it will become real and I’ll wonder why I am doing this to myself. You’ll be giggling in the background….can’t wait.

Found a great blog the other day. http://kippingitreal.com/Really funny posts.

Five Days On….Need Three Off!

Just finished five days of fun. All of the usual suspects were present. GHD sit ups, double unders, cleans, pull ups. Hit a new PR on power cleans. The shoes help.

The next three days will be filled with debauchery. A bunch of us are Hitting the water for the elusive flounder which in native American means “long boat ride”. Just lit my first cigar on the way down. It’s going to be a good weekend. Hopefully we catch a few.

Good to luck to Christa at regionals this weekend and to Tyler for the tri-athalon. See you all next week.

Hello Cindy, nice to see you again….bitch.

Yesterday was fun! We got to do more hang squat cleans  which are always fun. Followed by box jumps. First day with the new Romaleos and you can definitely tell the difference. I am very glad I bit the bullet and made the purchase. We then finished with 1/2 Cindy.

The little minx looks shy and innocent. Five Pull Ups, Ten Push Ups, Fifteen Air Squats…child’s play! It isn’t that hard….I got this.

Ten minutes later you wonder what the hell just happened. After a few minutes you can see again and your heart doesn’t feel like it is going to beat out of your chest. Definitely easy to see where I was doing push ups. Sweat galore. Holy hell am I sorry to whomever mistakenly landed in that mess.

Good times. Maybe we’ll get to do more cleans or snatches tomorrow!


Top Ten List of Things you Do Not Want to see on the Board

We have fun and encouraging phrases like “”Embrace the Suck”, “It won’t get easier, and you wouldn’t want it to” which are used to try and minimize how much a particular movement will suck. Following is my top ten list for movements that straight up suck. Feel free to add your comments or your own list!

10) Running

Running by itself is ok, if you are into that kind of thing. Running after doing 25 KB squats is an adventure. I always like to find out which my legs are going to go.

9) Zercher Carry

Sounds like it wouldn’t be that bad. Totally wrong. You feel like crap the next day.

8) Bulgarian Split Squats

Just making things difficult to make things difficult. Why?

7) Thrusters

Let’s mix a front squat and a shoulder press and see how quickly we can make people vomit. I give you the thruster, a necessary component to that nasty minx, Fran.

6) Overhead Squats

Squatting is relatively easy to learn. Back straight, but back, legs below parallel, push back up. Now do it with holding weight over your head with an active shoulder.

5) Turkish Get Ups

Lay on your back with a heavy KB/DB, straight arms, and then stand up without bending your arm, or dropping the weight on your head. Then sit back down without doing the same, and lay back down. Congratulations, that’s 1 only 99 more to go.

4) Man Makers with a Squat Thrust

Push ups with dumb bells. Good times. Like they weren’t challenging enough. We are going to throw in a row to boot. Just call them a widowmaker and be done with it.

3) Toes to Bar

Not meant for the faint of heart. Looks like it shouldn’t be a problem. Then reality sets in and you realize the farthest you are getting those legs up is not that far….tsk, tsk, tsk.

2) Pistols

Seriously? Who came up with these and why? Did they want to see people fall down?

1) Burpees

No explanation needed. They should be banned as cruel and unusual punishment.


Thursday is for Rest

Three good days this week, time for a break. Back at it Friday and Saturday. Hit a new PR with  squats at 265. Did better with burpees, which can still suck it. Made some progress with snatches with not trying to catch the weight standing straight up, rather letting my legs do some of the work. Had a good swim on Tuesday and will probably go again today. Also bought a pair of Nike Romaleos which will be here next week. Let the good times roll!

My ankles have been really sore and tight this week. I used a lacrosse ball at work to roll the bottoms of my feet and the side of my foot under the ankle. What, I took my shoes off at work?! Nobody noticed.

Going to do this tomorrow:




Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge

We are heading to CrossFit BWI this morning for the Affiliate Challenge. Where else will competitors get a chance to win a bad ass sword! Luke has been working tirelessly to get everything set up and I know the volunteers were there at the crack of dawn this morning. Thank you for volunteering. Looking forward to seeing some amazing athletes lift, pull, swing, push, squat and god knows what else.

I am sure there will be lots of great opportunities for photos: http://www.crossfitphotos.com/