Top Ten List of Things you Do Not Want to see on the Board

We have fun and encouraging phrases like “”Embrace the Suck”, “It won’t get easier, and you wouldn’t want it to” which are used to try and minimize how much a particular movement will suck. Following is my top ten list for movements that straight up suck. Feel free to add your comments or your own list!

10) Running

Running by itself is ok, if you are into that kind of thing. Running after doing 25 KB squats is an adventure. I always like to find out which my legs are going to go.

9) Zercher Carry

Sounds like it wouldn’t be that bad. Totally wrong. You feel like crap the next day.

8) Bulgarian Split Squats

Just making things difficult to make things difficult. Why?

7) Thrusters

Let’s mix a front squat and a shoulder press and see how quickly we can make people vomit. I give you the thruster, a necessary component to that nasty minx, Fran.

6) Overhead Squats

Squatting is relatively easy to learn. Back straight, but back, legs below parallel, push back up. Now do it with holding weight over your head with an active shoulder.

5) Turkish Get Ups

Lay on your back with a heavy KB/DB, straight arms, and then stand up without bending your arm, or dropping the weight on your head. Then sit back down without doing the same, and lay back down. Congratulations, that’s 1 only 99 more to go.

4) Man Makers with a Squat Thrust

Push ups with dumb bells. Good times. Like they weren’t challenging enough. We are going to throw in a row to boot. Just call them a widowmaker and be done with it.

3) Toes to Bar

Not meant for the faint of heart. Looks like it shouldn’t be a problem. Then reality sets in and you realize the farthest you are getting those legs up is not that far….tsk, tsk, tsk.

2) Pistols

Seriously? Who came up with these and why? Did they want to see people fall down?

1) Burpees

No explanation needed. They should be banned as cruel and unusual punishment.


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