Burpees…the fastest way to ruin a day.

Friday was a great day. We got to lift heavy stuff and minimal “I’m going to pass out” syndrome. Saturday was all cardio with burpees thrown in to piss everyone off. Of course, the extra curricular activities on Friday night didn’t help either! Need to stop that stuff the night before a WOD.

I got my King Kong Bag Friday. Same prices as the Reebok bag however it feels a lot sturdier and is a little bigger. Worth the money if you tend to go through gym bags pretty quickly.


I need to get a new pair of shoes and I think I am done with Innov8s. My ankles roll to the outside in those and that’s not good.

Reebok may have pushed me to the dark side with Nano 2.0. Everyone else is buying them, I might as well too. Reebok is the cult within a cult!

Ok, off to take the dog for a long walk and contemplate what I want to be when I grow up.

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