Saturdays = Snatches


A.Snatch Hang Power Snatch 12 x 2 OTM Light, Fast and the same weight
B. Front Squat@30×2; heavy double x 3 sets
8 min AMRAP
3 Power Snatch @135
5 Muscle Ups

I stuck with 95 lbs for A. I have a tendency to muscle up the weight as opposed to using proper form. I spent some time with the strength Yoda afterwards, and it helped.

1. Create tension on the bar by trying to snap it in the middle while it’s on the floor

2.  Imagine dead lifting the weight to the point where you can barely slide a piece of paper under the weights

3. Envision getting under the bar, not lifting it over your head

Front squats were ok, nothing to get excited about. 205 was the max.

I scaled down the snatches to 95 lbs.  for the AMRAP and subbed pull ups and dips for muscle ups.

Taking today off, and will get after it tomorrow afternoon.

Today we are going furniture shopping for our Moffice. Used to be the Man Room, now it will be home office, hence Moffice.


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