This Week’s Wrap Up

Week Ending 10-26-14

Sixth week of WLC is over. Almost caved last night as I was ready for cocktails and either waffles or a cheese steak, depending on which truck was parked at Jailbreak. Instead it was a dinner in night with sushi which was great. HALT. Don’t make decisions when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or thirsty for IPA’s. The last one is our add on. It’s supposed to be tired.


Back Squat – work to a heavy 8 rep in 4 sets 8-8-8-8

***5-10 pounds heavier than your last 10rep back squat


6 min AMRAP

5 burpees

25ft bear crawl

This was a good way to start the week. Finished 300 for a set of eight which was good. Legs were beat up for a day or two however it was worth it. Bear crawl and I don’t get along, so i subbed KB swings.



15 min AMRAP

30 double unders

20 Walking lunge steps (35/25)

10 pullups/ring rows

60 singles, unweighted lunges, and ring rows. I forget how many rounds, however it was tougher than it looks. Lunges are no joke. Everyone walked funny until Thursday.



5 sets of the following for time:

5 Bench Press (BW)

10 Russian KB Swings (2/1.5)

15 Abmat situps

20 Cals on Rower

rest 3 min b/t sets

This was the best one of the week, 185-205 on the bench, 100lb KB. all rounds were 2:15 – 2:40. The row was a lot more challenging that I thought it would be. Seemed like forever to get to twenty calories.


15 min ascending ladder:

1 squat clean thruster (115/75)

1 burpee over the bar

run 200m

2 squat clean thrusters

2 burpees over the bar

run 200m

This was the best squat cleans have felt, period. I wasn’t chasing the bar, got deep enough. Did all unbroken. BOB or burpees over bar are not fun.

Thursday was a rest day. Saturday we did some errands and favors that almost counted as a workout so we’ll take it. Off to Patapsco this morning for a run. Berger is finally rested up from her last visit.

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