Festivus…a Competition for the Rest of Us

We are getting ready for Festivus which are games intended for beginner CrossFitters. BWI has a good showing of people who are participating so it will be fun no matter what. Means clean living for a while to make sure we are ready to go…well sort of clean living. We’re 70% paleo 90% of the time…ish.



Rumor has it the WOD’s include a 2,000 meter row which is great, if you like rowing. If not, too bad, row anyway. Also possibility of max dead lift which I am excited about. Pick it up, put it down, add weight, pick it up, put it down. Repeat. I am sure box jumps and pull ups will be involved. Very rarely do those two miss a WOD.

There is a renewed sense of competition with the games being so recent. There is also a renewed sense of “holy hell they are machines.” Competition is great, just keep it realistic. Compete against yourself, not Froning or Thorisdottir. It would be like having a throwing competition against Manning or Big Ben. Ain’t gonna happen.

I heard somebody say “I’m not a fire breather like the pros.” This guy hits the WODs hard, 100% intensity, always with prescribed weights, etc. Guess what, you are! http://crossfitamundson.com/firebreather

Firebreather – Fie-r-bre’-th-er: (n) 1. One who faces the triumphs and tribulations of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit. 2. An optimistic energy associated with the heart of an athlete.

The definition doesn’t say anything about having the winning time, heaviest snatch, yada yada yada. You get the point. If you give it 100%, do your best, work hard, you are in the club.

Off to dead lifts and box jumps, and my favorite, running. BOOM!




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