First Week of August

It was a great week. Set a new PR with front squats when getting 245 for 2. Previous best was 240 for 1. Kylie and I ate pretty clean. A few cocktails Thursday night. Life is too short, and work is too stressful!



Front Squat

2,2,2, 2+ AMRAP at same weight

185, 205. 225. 245


6 Sets NFT
Push Press 5 reps; rest 45 sec
Kb Swings Unbroken 15 reps;1.5 pood; rest 45 sec

135/155 and 1.5/2.0


12 min AMRAP
10 Db Hang Squat Cleans 45#
10 T2B

subbed 35# db’s and v sit ups

five rounds, this sucked.


3 sets
100 ft Farmers Carry
5 Stone To Shoulder
100ft Farmers Carry
Row 500m

Time 19:49


Thursday and Friday I took off, except for Burpees. 

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