Progenex….or Joining the Reebok Following?

I have set a few PR’s over the past two weeks which is great, I just don’t know why I set them. Sounds odd, right? I haven’t changed much with the exception of two things. I started taking Progenex Recovery and More Muscle. The other thing I changed was giving into the Dark Side…Reebok.

Progenex is great, just really expensive. I know, I know…”you’ll blow $100 on booze but not $60 on a good protein.” Heard it, got it. Progenex has done a great job building both a brand image and a rabid following. The composition is relatively easy to duplicate through True Nutrition and I am patiently awaiting my order. I am interested to see if the results are similar.

Reebok: I was against the whole Reebok CrossFit push because what I liked about CrossFIt was that is was not mainstream. Reebok took over and now ads are all over the place and you do not see CrossFit without Reebok. I am sure box owners are happy because it is great for advertising which is good for them because it helps business. Will CrossFit be able to maintain it’s identity or will it end up becoming Reebok? Is this a merger or an acquisition. Big difference when it comes to company culture. Is it possible this little sticker helped me get stronger? If so, that would be awesome because they are a hell of a lot cheaper!

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