Stop Thinking

I saw myself going backwards in terms of getting good form with cleans and snatches. I felt myself bending forward and muscling up the weight with my lower back and arms through a reverse curl. I was not jumping or getting under the bar. Basically everything you should not be doing.

I scheduled a session with Aaron, the strength Yoda, Saturday morning. He asked me to warm up with the bar, doing dead lifts, cleans, overhead presses, etc. I got done and he asked if I even felt a single thing because it looked like I didn’t. I was not paying attention to where the weight felt on my feet, or where my shoulders were, or the position of my legs. I was spending the whole time in my head instead of where I should have been focusing.

Sometimes you just have to get out of your head and remember the basics.

  • Back stays flat
  • Shoulders are back and tight
  • Build tension in your hamstrings
  • Knees bent to the outside
  • Feel like you are about to fall backwards
  • Jump from your heels
  • Get under the bar

It was a great session and I scheduled another one for next week. Thanks Aaron!


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