It was nice to get back to our normal routine this week. We are both creatures of habit and tend to like the same schedule. The holidays are a great time of year, and we love seeing our family. The final bit of Christmas decorations are gone. I finally got rid of our Christmas tree which had taken up residence on our back patio for a few days.

It is day number three of Paleo which has gone pretty well. The biggest downside of Paleo is the amount of time required to prepare meals. Nothing processes, so you start from scratch every time. We did quite of prep work during the beginning of the week which helps.

Today’s WOD is a combination of high hang snatches, step ups, and Pendlay rows.

High Hang Snatch
2,2,2,2,2; rest 3 min
4 sets
KB Racked Russian Step Ups; same leg up as down; 10 rep total; alternate legs
rest 20 sec
Pendlay Row 12-15 reps
rest 3 min

Should be fun!


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