2012 Begins! 1/3/2012

2011 is gone. It was a very typical year, with some bad things and some good things. Time to roll with 2012. Paleo begins in full force today. Our fridge is filled with meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. We cleaned out the fridge and pantry yesterday of all non paleo friendly foods, and it was quite a bit of food. Time to get on the straight and narrow!

2012 Goals:

Staying Paleo for at least thirty days, then forty five days, then sixty days. At that point, it should be second nature, and no looking back.

Master Double Unders

10 kipping pull ups in a row

One mile open swim

Snatch 225

Squat 405

Deadlift 500

Expect more frequent blog entries. Look forward to hitting these goals.


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