Today’s Grind, 12/24/11

It’s official, Christmas is here, whether we are ready or not. My parents are visiting, and we are going to my in law’s today and tomorrow. My wife has wrapped everything in the house. The dog has hidden for fear she is next. Our fridge is covered with Christmas cards from our friends. My wife and I are both off for the rest of the year. I figure we’ll relax for about two days but will then need something to do.

No Crossfit today or tomorrow. I went every day this week, and am ready for a break. Thursday was probably the best I had ever done, which was nice. Friday was horrible, mainly because Thursday night was spent at a local watering hole with some friends….and IPA’s.

Today’s WOD is the filthy fifty, which I am glad I am missing. I am sure it will be crowded as it is the only class today. We are going on Monday as I am sure we will have plenty of holiday food and cocktails to work off.

Time to start thinking a little more deliberately about 2012. Need to set some realistic goals. No, Fran in 2:30 is not a realistic goal!




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