Daily Rant 12/17/11

Just finished today’s WOD, and Yoga. If you think Yoga is easy and you wonder why your girlfriend or wife does it, try a session. It’s hard as hell, but it does feel great and stretches out your muscles.


Partner Strongman
1 Yoke, 1 Pair of Kbs and two rowers per team of 3
Total time minus meters rowed
3 cycles
Zercher Yoke Carries Down and Back
20 Racked Kb Front Squats
Partner(s) Row While Moving Yoke

Definitely challenging and fun.

I bailed on the KB front squats. Started with 1.5’s and should have started lighter. I stuck with DB’s.

Ready for a nap. Not happening, but that would be nice right now.

Dumb News Stories:

Kids got suspended for Teabowing. My bad. I thought this was America and we had certain freedom’s and were able to do what we wanted as long as it didn’t break the law. Obviously I was wrong. The school said the kids had been told not to earlier in the week, and were causing hallway backups and kids couldn’t get to class.

Barry Bonds sentenced to 30 days house arrest and two years probation. Eight years, and how many millions of dollars were spent to get absolutely nothing. What a waste of resources!


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