I am taking the day off. I literally feel like I got beat up. Sunday was heavy bench and power cleans. Monday was five rounds of burpees, wall balls, heavy swings and GHD’s. Yesterday was heavy OHS and Cindy, plus I swam Monday afternoon. I am sore as hell, and ready for some rest.

I’ll hit it again Thursday through Saturday, and rest again on Sunday. I keep forgetting how important rest is, and tend to over train.

Just finished making the sweet potato and chicken sausage breakfast hash which is awesome. My wife is now making paleo friendly hot cereal, which is also great.

Hash: http://purelyprimal.com/2010/11/10/sausage-sweet-potato-hash/

Cereal: http://paleoperiodical.com/2011/04/15/recipe-shout-out-primal-blueprints-primal-hot-cereal/

Train well. Eat well. Sleep well.

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