Monday, Monday, Monday.

Rough weekend courtesy of a great friend’s bachelor party. Typical fun man weekend. Beer, guns, hunting, beer, bonfire, beer, and grilled meat galore. Paid the price Sunday. Got home, took a shower, and a two hour nap and felt much better.

Today’s WOD was good. Snatches followed by four rounds of narrow grip bench press for five, and dead lifts for ten.

NGBP: 185 205 225 235

Dead Lifts: 225 235 255 275

I should have gone heavier on both, of course, I always say that. Don’t pay dues to lay up.

Tweaked my back a little, which is getting to be a more common occurrence. Need to keep an eye on that.

Good Paleo day today. Cooking the breakfast hash now. Steaks with chimmichurri sauce last night. Coconut shrimp tonight. Paleo is great, it just takes a lot longer to make food.

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep, and a great class tomorrow morning.

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