Snatches, Burpees, and More Snatches.

Sometimes things finally click. I have not done well with snatches. I muscle everything up. Partly because I am strong enough to do so, and partially because I have a very hard time wrapping my mind around how jumping will help me lift the bar higher. As I was finishing my last round tonight, contemplating vomiting, someone said to me “Let your legs do some work. Let them catch the weight.”. All of a sudden it made a lot of sense and I started to let my legs catch the weight. I was able to do the last round unbroken. Burpees still sucked but that’s not big news. Burpees can suck it.

This shirt sums it up:

Today’s Fun Courtesy of CrossFit BWI. I like the “no rest” WOD’s which have been posted recently. Definitely feel the difference.

Power Snatch 5×3; rest 1 min between sets; use same weight; Heavy but fast worked up to three sets at 125 and two at 115

3 sets
15 Burpees
Row 400m
15 Hang Power Snatch 75/65

15:55 Rx

Good times!

Easter Sunday

Sadly, my wife and I are not even ” Chreesters” when it comes to church. Chreesters being those who go on Christmas and Easter. Instead, we will be worshiping the fairway gods praying the shanks stay away. We are hitting the course with my in-law’s and my wife’s brother and his fiance. FORE! You never really learn to swear until you start golfing.

Golf will be followed with a great meal courtesy of Denise. Ham, veggies, and of course what’s ham without scalloped potatoes. Potatoes, heavy cream, rosemary, and cheese. What else could you possibly need? We are really looking forward to it.

Taking today off because Sunday is usually a rest day and CrossFit BWI is closed. Duh. No WOD, no yoga with the zen like strength Yoda Aaron.

Getting ready to pull the trigger on a pair of Nike Romaleos. Pricey, however all of the reviews I have read include only good feedback.

I refuse to buy into the Dark Side and purchase Reebok. They may be great, however I can’t willingly support a company who charges $98 for a pair of workout pants.

Have a great Holiday. Carb load for tomorrow!

March in Full Force

The open is over, thankfully. Kylie and I are glad we did it. Good learning experience. The wall balls were definitely the hardest part. My quads are still tight. Today was the thrusters and pull ups which were challenging. Overall I am happy with my performance. We will do it again next year. Back to a normal schedule now and ready for yoga again.

Today’s Rant 12/13/11

I have developed a bad habit of waking up at 2:30 in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep. Not good!

No workout posted this morning on Crossfit BWI site, which means it will be dealer’s choice. Christa is a great person, however she is also self-proclaimed as “not nice”. Ten to one we are getting FGB, or a Hero WOD, which means lots of sweat. Oh well, we don’t pay the dues to “lay up.”

Just started Crossfit and looking from some tips? Check out this link:

Thinking of joining Crossift, but not sure how to start? Check the following link to find a box in your area.

I can assure you, it’s not a cult. Are some of the members a little intimidating? Yes. Do some seem off-balance, or a little short on their meds, absolutely! That’s what makes it fun. They are a very supportive and understanding group of people. You won’t be disappointed.

On to NFL. James Harrison. Fined or suspended, or both? Chances are Goodell will make an example of Harrison. I see a hefty fine and a two game suspension in his future. He has had multiple warnings, and albeit McCoy took five steps with the ball, Goodell will light him up. Can’t hit helmet to helmet.

Three coaches fired in the past two weeks. No shock with any of the recent dismissals. Who else is on the hot seat? Caldwell’s days are numbered.

More to come later this week.