Worst Time of Year…..


Winter and 600AM’s…

Yes, 6:00am class goers are usually a breed totally apart from the normal population. Up early, all cheery and whatnot. However, we are a little less cheery this time of year. It is really dark out, thanks to Daylight Savings, and it is dang cold. It sucks the life out of you, going outside at 515/530,…almost. Almost. No quitting. Gotta Make it happen.


Sure, it would be easier to turn off the alarm and roll over and go back to sleep, or get up and eat pancakes. Where is the fun in that? Running 400’s…that’s where the fun is. I can see it on their faces as I am pedalling on the Assault Bike. Yeah, I don’t like running.

Sure, it sucks to be up that early when it is still dark outside however by 715am you are done for the day. No worries about trying to fit the class in your schedule during the day or after work. Because let’s face it, for most of us six am’ers, it’s either get it done in the morning or it is not getting done.

Time to go for a run and sweat out yesterday’s festivities. I hate running however it has it’s merits. Definitely helps with slimming down and builds up the cardiovascular capacity. It still sucks.

Get out and do something today! Yoga, ROMWOD, Run/Jog, take the furkid for a long walk, etc. Use your fitness.

Photo of young woman on the sidewalk, courtesy of.

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