Why Run When You Can Dead Lift?


Based on the title alone, I am sure you can deduce which of the two I would prefer. I am not a fan of running. It is ok by itself and it’s a great way to get outside when the weather is nice. I actually prefer the assault bike or rowing to running in a WOD. It’s the quickest way to kill a good WOD and I am pretty sure I am not the only one in that camp. I see your faces and hear your groans when the rest of you walk in and see it on the white board! Dead lifts, YES! Squats, YES! 400M run…yuck.

Where am I going with this? CrossFit offers running for those who like to run and dead lifts for people would prefer to pick heavy and then put them back down. Sometimes it’s even in the same WOD which is always fun. Thought you were strong? Not after a 400. You are winded, which makes everything heavier. Weak, weak, weak…..

CrossFit offers variety which is one of the reasons it is so popular. ALL of us have dreaded going to the gym when we were doing the same routine we had done the previous Monday and Wednesday. That is not the case with CrossFit, the WOD”s are always different and there is always something in there to hate. Like burpees, or an 800m med ball run…in the warm up. Evil.

I started CrossFit over two years ago and have enjoyed it. Have i made all of the strides and changes I thought I would when I first started? Absolutely not. I am ok with that. I am not built to be fast or to climb a rope. I am built to pick things up, put them down, push things up and llet them come back down. I should move to the dark side, strength..however the way I see it, I am already pretty good at that stuff and need to work on the other stuff like pull ups, rope climbs, box jumps,..you know, the hard stuff.

My point is to enjoy the things you like about CrossFit, whether they be the Metcons or the strength portion of the WOD’s. We are all good at something and have our favorites. Enjoy those favorites and the wins that come with them like PR’s. Don’t focus on the things which are still challenging, or that you have not yet attained. You will get there! We all can’t be like the pros who are great at everything. Mostly because that is there full time job and the rest of us other full time jobs and families and responsibilities outside of the box.

CrossFit will pay some incredible dividends, however it takes the investment up front, each and every day. Control the things you can, like nutrition, giving 100%, positive mental attitude, and taking rest days. Continue to work on the parts you have not yet gotten, but don’t obsess. That leads down a dark path….not a good place. Don’t allow those things to take away from the positive experience that CrossFit can provide.

I am sure many of you have already read this information, however it’s definitely worth another read:


Have a great week!

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