First Week of Whole Life Challenge Down

And guess what? Everyone is fine. Sure it stinks. Can’t eat the thinks we like, or drink the things we want, which is probably the harder part; however we made it through the first week just fine. I was a little grumpy and groggy this week as I am sure that is part of the sugar withdrawal known has Carb Flu. It takes planning and willpower, both things that everyone can employ.

We bought a few new cookbooks and had some great meals. Planning is key. Eat beforehand if you know you are going to an event which doesn’t have WLC compliant food. Pack your lunch for work. Pack snacks. Prepare your meals ahead of time. A little planning goes a long way. 

Did we almost cave last night and head to Victoria for burgers and beers. Absolutely. Did we joke about five guys for lunch today. Yes. Did we do either of them? Absolutely not. 

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