Second Week of August

It is an end to a great week. We hit it pretty hard last weekend at a bachelor party so I was ready to get clean when I got back.



OH Squat
Build to a Heavy 1 rep (135#)

OH Squat-use 50% of above (65#)
Box Dips


Dead lift
Work up to a heavy 3 Rep (405#)

2k Row (7:58)


12 min AMRAP
4 TGU Right 16/12kg
4 TGU Left 16/12kg
*Make these HARD: plates, parallettes, rings…

Three full rounds. TGU’s and I do not get along.


5 sets
3 Heavy Bench Press; rest 10 sec (255#)
30 Russian Kb Swings; rest 2 min (1.5 pood)

5 sets
5 Hang Power Clean; rest 10 sec (135#)
20 Push Ups; rest 2 min


Teams of 4 – 2 guys, 2 girls ..One guy and one girl may work at a time.

Two Rounds:

150 DUs or 300 Singles

100 Ab-mat Sit-ups

80 Pushups

60 DL- 135, 95

40- Ring Rows

10 – Sled Pushes-30 m – 2 people must push sled

Sunday: REST

Monday I ran in the morning and Tuesday and Thursday I swam as well. Relatively injury free this week. My right shoulder/chest is tight, but nothing serious.

We ate well this week with Saturday night being a cheat meal. Lobster rolls. Very good.

Kylie and I signed up for the Whole Life Challenge. It is going to be challenging however I think it will help us considerably. A little competition helps everyone perform better.



One thought on “Second Week of August

  1. bretlurz says:

    Kick ass week! The WL challenge looks awesome, good luck!


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